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Wednesday, November 4, 2009
Celebrating Admissions Essays' Success
This is probably long overdue, but I wanted to take this opportunity to celebrate Admissions Essays' incredible success by writing a quick note to thank all of our writers, editors, staff, and of course, our clients. My name is Thomas Sug and I am one of the co-founders of Admissions

Admissions Essays was first started back in 1996, and was conceived out of a law school dorm room by a couple of students during 1L at the UC Hastings College of Law. 13 years later, we are still the most recognized admission essay and personal statement development service on the web, and while numerous other sites have attempted to copy us, we remain the leader.

So what is the secret to our success? Well, it is no secret at all. We simply put our clients first and we make sure that they are happy with the service we provide. At the end, we simply provide the type of finished product that is simply unmatched by any of our competitors. Our model essay development service has been featured in numerous publications across all types of media outlets.

We also ensure that our writers, editors, and staff are well taken care of. We learned long ago, that a happy editor produces great work, and that in turn leads to happy clients. In fact, as word spreads, we have been inundated by solicitations from writers and editors who work for our competitors but wish to work for us.

Over the years, we have served thousands of clients from all walks of life. From the typical high school senior to an executive at a fortune 500 company looking to obtain an advanced degree, our goal always remains the same - to provide outstanding service and work product while maintaining the highest level of integrity and confidentiality.

I am very proud of what we have built and I am excited about our future. We will be here for you, and I personally thank you all - our staff and clients - for making Admissions Essays what it is today.


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