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Tuesday, October 19, 2010
College Admission Essay Writing - A Must for Law School or Business School
In today's world, an undergraduate degree is not always enough. Many people choose to take advantage of professional graduate schools to make the most of their chances in the job market. With more people than ever interested in advanced degrees, the need for great college admission essay writing skills is a big one.

Your college admission essay writing skills can mean the difference between a top law or business school, and a sub-standard one. Because of the vast number of applicants, most law schools and business schools have scrapped the traditional one-on-one interviews. That means your college admission essay writing skills are your only chance to stand out in a pool of applicants that all have great grades, great test scores, and a great list of extracurricular activities.

With an MBA admission essay, you have to start by asking yourself, 'if every other applicant was a great undergrad, what makes me different?' That's the question people reading your MBA admission essay will have. After all, pouring over applications is tough; admissions boards are looking to your writing to help make their decisions easier.

And, remember, top business schools only accept about 12% of all applicants.

However, at the top law schools, the situation is no different. The race to a seat in law school is a competitive one. There are far too many applicants to do personal interviews for each one, so your law school personal statement is going to have to speak for itself. You need to explain why you are the right choice, over thousands of other applicants. What makes you stand out? What qualities will make you a great law student? Why will you be a great asset to any law school? Those are the questions your law school personal statement will need to answer.

Law schools can be particularly picky about essays, because they know that you want to be a lawyer - someone whose job it will be to prove their point of view is correct, on a daily basis. A law school personal statement can give them a clue as to what kind of lawyer you will make.

And, remember, only 11% of law school applicants actually get accepted.


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