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Wednesday, January 5, 2011
The Importance of a Unique College Admissions Essay

A solid admissions essay could mean the difference between getting into your first-choice school and a secondary school.

Getting accepted into college is becoming more competitive than ever as the number of applicants continues to rise. The chances of being accepted to a first choice college may be harder than one might think. Good grades and high test scores are a definite plus, but more and more schools are looking beyond grades. College admission essays are a way to stand out in a crowd of applicants, and improve chances of admission.

Though the college admissions essay may seem scary and even unnecessary, it is an essential part of the application process. The admission staff uses the essay to find out who the applicant really is. They are able to learn about the applicants writing skills, and find out a little bit about the personality of the applicant as well.

The topic of the college admission essay is usually left up to the applicant. It can basically be about anything important to them. It might describe why the applicant wants to attend that particular school, tell a story about a particular event in their life, or basically anything that will capture the admission staff's attention. Generally, the more creative the essay is, the more interesting it will be. Spelling and grammar will be checked throughout the essay. Proofreading and spell check are necessary tools before turning the final essay in to the admission staff.

A graduate school personal statement is written somewhat differently than an undergraduate college admissions essay. For the graduate school personal statement, future career goals, things previous education has taught them about themselves and their field of study, and why that particular school appeals to them could be some topics to write about. Applicants might also choose to discuss what or who inspired them to continue with their education. Showing that they are truly committed to achieving their goals is a big plus to the admission staff.

Writing a college application essay might not be an easy task, but it could be the determining factor in getting accepted into college. Admission staff is looking for a well-written, interesting paper that defines the applicant. Applicants should write about something that is important them. It should be an honest essay that makes them stand out among the other applicants. There is no room for mistakes. Before turning in the final product, read and re-read, spell check, and repeat the process. Then it will ready for the admissions staff to enjoy.


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