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Tuesday, July 21, 2015
Jump in LSAT Takers a Good Omen?
I cannot honestly remember the last time I blogged about law school with a hint of optimism. For the past several years, the profession and its pursuit has sagged under the weight of a bad economy and academic scandals. The cost of a law school education has lagged behind its value. Year after year, the number of students taking the LSAT is down, the number of law school applicants are down, and law schools are scrambling to stay afloat.

June 2015, however, may have given law schools a reason to tilt their chins up. For the first time in five years, the number of LSAT takers rose by 6%. The test is offered four times a year. This is the third consecutive increase by cycle. This means that the numbers of takers is rising steadily and consistently. At least for now.

Law school application numbers are still down. The LSAT is relatively affordable and because students can take it multiple times, it is a reasonably low-risk endeavor. Still, students aren't likely to take the LSAT unless they have serious intentions of going to law school.

Naturally, it's too early to draw any broad conclusions from the trend. It should, however, buy ambien cr online canada give breath to the notion that the declines of the past few years were cyclical rather than permanent. With the economy rebounding, the investment in a law school education may no longer carry such burdensome risks.

Maybe the numbers are up precisely because students think law school admissions may be easier during a downturn in law's popularity. The causation remains to be seen. But the increase changes the color of the law school narrative. For that reason alone, it is worth watching.


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