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Tuesday, July 21, 2015
Women Still Underrepresented in Business School
According to the Graduate Management Admissions Council, the percentage of women applying to business school is hovering somewhere around 35%. Some of the top schools boast enrollment of around 40% women. Yet, with fewer women applying, the prospect of evening out the numbers in MBA programs seems bleaker.

For many years now, certain business schools have sought to fight the locker-room stereotype that plagues them. Though it's impossible to measure all the reasons why women aren't pursuing graduate business degrees, it is a conversation that needs to be had. In an effort to galvanize interest for women, some schools are broadening their reach.

The Wall Street Journal reports that some business schools, such as the Kelly School at Indiana University and Carlson at the University of Minnesota, are targeting high school girls. The schools are inviting high-school juniors and seniors to all-female programs and tours designed to stoke early interest in graduate degrees. The University of Michigan’s Ross school is even offering a day-long mentoring program for Girl Scouts.

Big-name schools like Harvard (HBS) and the Stern School at NYU have long had strong, buy zolpidem in bangkok supportive networking programs for women in the field. Yet business schools have had a tough time shaking the antiquated image of business as a man's world (which it still is).

Fortunately, these schools see the benefit of bringing more women into the fold, and the importance of doing a better job of articulating what MBA programs have to offer to women in particular.


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