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Monday, December 18, 2017
UCLA Again Receives Record Number of Applicants
It's been just a single year since the University of California at Los Angeles became the first university in the U.S. to report a freshman applicant pool of more than six figures-102,177, to be exact. This year, UCLA shattered its own record, with over 113,000 freshman applications, and 24,000 transfer applicants for the 2018-2019 academic year.

On its own website, the university reveled not just in the numbers but in the diversity of the applicants, 71,400 of whom are California residents. According to UCLA, applications from African-American high school students jumped 13%, Chicano/Latino students was up by 10%, and American Indian students saw a 6% increase. The university credited the increases to "robust community engagement".

While this is good news for the university, it may be less so for hopeful students, whose admission odds just got steeper. This is choice marketing material, and arguably a draw for faculty and donors-which is great for the students who do get in. But these monumental jumps are also illustrative of a college admissions process that becomes larger and more unwieldy every year. For a start, how many people does it take to meaningfully comb through 137,000 applications?

The University of California is a public school system, and while tuition may be cheaper than private schools, it still prices out many families. The UC's original policy purpose was to educate residents of the state, by making third-level education affordable. Though these numbers indicate a strong level of in-state enthusiasm, it's difficult to see how they will ultimately increase the accessibility of a public school diploma.


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