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Monday, January 15, 2018
College Admissions: Tasks for January
As we emerge from the business and bustle of the holiday season, many high school seniors may once again find their focus pulled back to that elephant in the room: the college acceptance letter. Unless you filed for early admissions, you're still playing the waiting game. What can students do to fill the time?

1) Follow-up: Check in with the universities to which you have applied. Enquire as to whether or not they need or accept any supplemental materials. If they do, pull those together and send them. If not, sit quietly on your hands. Just remember that, in some cases, each point of contact with the school helps to demonstrate your continued interest in their program. (It will also end up being an effective life lesson in taking initiative).

2) Check Application Status: This may seem obvious, but it's also important to ensure that the college has received all of your submitted materials in a timely manner. Most colleges offer this information on-line, so the follow-up here should be quick and easy.

3) Avoid Senioritis: I get it. You are almost done with high school. You've basically done all of the hard work of getting into college. But remember, you still have time to screw it up. Do not slack on academics in these last few months. Colleges still reserve the right to rescind offers if they see a dramatic drop-off in your academic performance. Hang in there!

4) Savor the time: Even if you've got one foot out the door of your high school and your family home, remember that these next few months are ones you will never get back. Enjoy your friendships. The full responsibilities of adulthood are still some time away—take advantage of that. Go to the beach. Go to the prom. Maybe even consider being nice to your parents.

Above all, try to trust that, when it comes to college, the future will mostly take care of itself. (In the mean time, it's okay to give it a little nudge).


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