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Monday, August 27, 2018
Artificial Intelligence in College Admissions Counseling
It was only a matter of time, really. As Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology becomes increasingly sophisticated, it will be employed with greater frequency to replace humans in the workforce. Over the past couple of decades, the college counseling industry has blossomed into a robust and often expensive tool for aspiring college students. With all of the inherent unknowns in college admissions, the concept of using data analysis to automate the process is ripe, and has already been well-explored.

Already, colleges themselves have begun to employ Big Data in their search for aspiring students. Admissions standards are under constant scrutiny and automating the filtering procedure for admits could go a long way towards making the process at least appear to be more transparent and equitable. But on the other end, AI is emerging as a useful platform in helping students to find the right college in the first place.

One such platform (which is likely to be imitated widely) is MyKlovr, an AI tool first marketed to HR departments and now being offered for college students in search of the right fit. As in any real-life counseling situation, the application's ability to guide students is directly proportional to the effort the student puts into the process. By entering extensive data about their interests, academics, goals, MyKlovr promises to curate a profile that will help students narrow the field.

AI technology has the potential to make college admissions counseling available to a wider pool of students. As it stands, private college counseling is cost-prohibitive. There is already a correlation between student wealth and the counselor-to-student ratio in public schools. Though there is no flawless substitute for human interaction, AI is entirely capable of helping students to sift through mountains of intimidating information that stands between them and a streamlined college search.

This is definitely a space to watch.


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