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Monday, November 1, 2010
Application Essays - the Key to Getting into the Best Law School or MBA Program
Summary: College application essay writing doesn't necessarily get easier as you go up the education ranks. In fact, once you apply to law school or an MBA program, the stakes for your application essays can be even higher.

If you are planning on moving up the educational ladder, and you thought you were done with application essays back in high school, think again. College application essay writing is just as important if you are heading off to graduate school. And, in some cases, it is even more important.

Years ago, advanced graduate schools used to schedule personal interviews with every single applicant. But, now that graduate schools are a more popular option, there just isn't time for admissions officers to talk to everyone. Application essays have become the new interview - and your college application essay writing has become your only chance to make yourself stand out.

With a law school admission personal statement, admissions officers are not just looking at whether or not you will make a great student. They are also looking at how you present yourself on paper. Remember, lawyers have to file briefs, motions, write letters to opposing attorneys, and create compelling opening and closing statements that can sway a jury. In a law school admission personal statement, you have to prove that you are capable of all of those things - even if you only get 500 or 1,000 words to do it! Right now, your most important client is yourself. You owe yourself a great law school admission personal statement just as much as you will owe a future client a great closing statement in the courtroom.

With an MBA admission essay, potential business students face some of the same challenges. After all, to succeed in the business world, you will have to draft proposals, handle all correspondence with ease, and never stop selling yourself, your product, or your company. A great MBA admission essay will show the admissions board whether you have the communication skills to do it. When it comes to an MBA admission essay, the first thing you're trying to sell is yourself!

No matter which kind of application essays you are trying to create, remember to let your real personality shine through. Do not just worry about what an admissions officer may be looking for. Showing that you're honest and serious about becoming a valuable member of your dream school can go a long way!


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