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Monday, December 30, 2013
College Rejection: a Bit like Life
As the calendar year draws to a close, so too does the college admissions cycle. At least from the perspective of the students. At this point, most of you have already clicked the proverbial "submit" button. It's done. Your grades, your scores, your essays are etched in stone.

If you're a college bound high school, it's time to let go.

I can't will you not to stress. I can't stop you from speculating, or checking the mailbox, or drafting several different versions of your future on the inside of your mind. What I can tell you is that this limbo is going to happen to you again.

You've already navigated this queasy unknown every time you've submitted a test or an essay. It will happen again. After you sit for the dream job interview. When you submit a loan application for your first home. After you get pregnant. If you take a professional exam. (California law students wait nearly four months for their bar exam results).

From where I'm sitting, college is pretty much a win-win situation. Most kids will apply to several colleges and get admitted to some of them. In the long term, it isn't going to matter that much where you end up going. Disappointment usually just leads to a shifting trajectory.

If you're talented and ambitious, you aren't going to need Yale to make the future happen. I really believe this.

College is fun. It is the first and maybe only time in your life that you'll have most all the benefits of being an adult without many of the responsibilities. It is a holistic experience. It's more than just academics and pedigree. It's about dorms, and parties, and cafeteria breakfast, and upper-class seminars and on-campus jobs, and semesters-abroad.

If you've put in the work, you're gonna get positive results. Even if they aren't precisely those you've been expecting.

What you do during your time in that virtual waiting room is up to you.


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