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Wednesday, September 23, 2015
More U.S. Students Going Overseas for MBA Degrees
So many of the stories about the college admissions landscape revolve around the growing number of foreign students in American undergraduate and graduate schools. As economies boom overseas, countries like China and India are sending students to the U.S. in record amounts. The dissolution of borders in the business world makes this academic globalization incredibly valuable.

This is perhaps nowhere more relevant than in the context of graduate business degrees. At Stanford's graduate school of business, a full 44% of the student body is from abroad; at Harvard, that figure is 34%. Overall, the undergraduate institutions in the U.S. with the highest numbers of international students run at around 30%.

Some publications point out that it isn't necessarily surprising that the world's most populous nations are sending many young people abroad for education. Others note that the numbers of Chinese and Indian students educated in the U.S. represent only a fraction of those country's respective populations. Still the changes mark an evolution in the topography of the American educational map.

Despite these increases, there is another noteworthy trend in play-American students are seeking MBA degrees overseas in record numbers. Graduate business schools such as the University of Oxford's Saȉd School of Business and France's prestigious Insead School, are reporting a small, but not insignificant jump in enrollment of students from the U.S.

What's significant is the overall demographic at top European institutions such as these, where as many as 95% of the student body comes from different nations. In the race to buy cialis online with american express globalize the students of graduate business schools, Europe currently seems to have the edge. Also appealing to many U.S. students is the one-year program available at many European schools, which is half the length of the traditionally two-year degrees here in the U.S.

So while borders continue to be barriers amongst nations, education is allowing people to traverse them in record numbers. Which promises nuanced and remarkable changes for the future.


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