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Through our very own editors and guest writers, this blog will discuss the INSIDE scoop on the admissions process of various schools and programs. If you wish to ask a specific question, please write to us, and we will make every attempt to address your questions in our future blog discussions.
College Admissions and the Idea of “Deservingness”

Language Barriers in College Admissions

Advanced Placement Courses: How Much is Too Much?

Length Matters in College Admissions Essays

Law School Recruitment Heating Up

College Admissions: Tasks for January

College Admissions and Big Data

When The College Admissions Bubble Won't Burst

Early Admission: What to Do if You're Deferred

UCLA Again Receives Record Number of Applicants

Race-Based Admissions and the Problem with the Model-Minority

What the GOP Tax Plan Means for Graduate Students

Leveraging Military Experience in Graduate Admission Essays

Are Law Schools Seeing a “Trump Bump”?

Diversity in the Legal World

Is Life Coaching the New College Consulting?

The Search for a Reasonable Bar Pass Rate

Are Full-Time MBA Programs Worth It?

Rethinking the LSAT in Law School Admissions

The Courage of Losing the “I”

The Difference Between Diversity and Equity

Streamlining the College Application Process

What is the Coalition Application?

Perfecting Your Brand for College Admissions

Could GRE Become the New LSAT?

West Virginia Makes SAT Mandatory

Keeping Your Admission Essay Small

Digital Technology and the Enhanced Art of Cheating

Spelman College to Start Admitting Transgender Students

Trump Promises to Eliminate DACA

Navigating Your Way to the Right College

Oregon to Lower Minimum Passing Score on Bar Examination

The Truth About Legacy Admissions

UCI Under Fire for Rescinding Admissions Offers

Trump Takes on Affirmative Action

California Supreme Court to Lower “Cut” Score on State Bar Exam

Keeping Your Eye on the Ball in College Applications

Louisiana Passes Law to “Ban the Box” from College Applications

Do Aptitude Tests Accurately Measure Merit, or Privilege?

STEM-Majors Outperform Humanities Students on LSAT

On Pizza, College Admissions and Yale

Does a College Degree Make You Happier?

In Your Law School Admission Essay, Say Something-Not Everything

Maelstrom Follows Harvard's Decision to Rescind Admissions Offers

In India, Numbers of Women in Business School Rising

The Growing Trend of Free College Tuition

Harvard Rescinds 10 Admissions Offers in Response to Offensive Social Media Posts

What Students Should Be Looking for in an Admission Essay

Reframing the Value of the High School Grading System

Tackling Relevance in Admissions Essays

New Jersey Teen Accepted into All Eight Ivies

How to Get Your Application Off the Waitlist

Whittier Law School Shuts its Doors

Another Obstacle for Low-Income Students in College Admissions

Quadruplets Take Top Colleges by Storm

Five Ways Parents Can Help With College Admissions

Starbucks Goes One Step Further in Supporting College for Employees

America's College Drop-out Problem

Harvard Law School to Begin Accepting GRE

California Proposes Most Generous College Aid Plan in Nation

Politics and Teachable Moments for MBA Students

The Importance of Courting the Right College

LSAT and the Problem with Merit-Based Scholarships

When Social Media Can Help on Your College Application

With College Admissions, There’s No Easy Formula

Advantages of the Gap Year for Med School Students

When College Application Information Gets Too Personal

Moving Through Rejection

Making Sense of Your College Financial Aid Package

LSAT Discrimination Case Reaches U.S. Supreme Court

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Keeping Parents Calm During College Admissions Season

Do Colleges Really Care About Community Service

Changing the Face of Legal Research

Social Media Creating New Hurdle for Law Students?

Women Still Lagging Behind Men in Legal Profession

The Rising Costs of College Admission

Time for “Tracking” in Post-Secondary Education?

ABA Sanctions More Schools Over Admissions

Universities Issue Joint Statement in Support of DACA

How Early is Too Early for College Admission Preparation?

Being Poor at an Elite University

Using Analytics to Find the Perfect College Student

What the Presidential Election Could Mean for College Students

Are the Ivies our New Celebrity Culture?

Changes to FAFSA to Help Students with College-Selection

Business Schools Turning to Technology in Admissions Process

The Narrowing Down of the Admission Essay

Are There Any Downsides to the Common Application?

What to Make of Yale’s New Admission Essay Questions

The Key in College Admissions? Grades, grades, grades

Capturing a Moment in Your Admission Essay

The Interesting Case of a Texas Law School

Georgetown to Offer Priority Admission to Descendants of Slaves

In Your Admission Essay, Be Willing to Color Outside the Lines

The Art of Storytelling in the Admission Essay

When the College Pre-Gaming Starts Too Early

Saving Money on Your College Application

Broadening Your College Search

College Admissions in an Election Year

Law School and a College Degree in a Single Bundle?

Things Still Looking Up for Women in Business School

Choosing Words Wisely in Admissions Essays

Community Service With a Pricetag

The Real Value of Law School Rankings

Taking a Breather from College Admissions Essays

End of the Road for Fisher v University of Texas

Are High-Priced Summer Programs Worth the Cost

Summer Before College

Undocumented Valedictorians Stoke Immigration Conversation

Texas Top 10% College Admissions Rule to Change

Avoiding the Optional Essay on the New SAT

University of California to Offer Eight Essay Prompts

Criminal Records and College Admissions

College Applications to Offer More Gender-Inclusive Options

When Perfect Is Not Good Enough

Curbing Competition in College Admissions

Adding Meaning to Your Law School Personal Statement

Caring Less About Pedigrees in College Admissions

When Writing About Costco Gets You Into Five Ivies

Evaluating the Gender Gap in College Admissions

The Ridiculousness of College Admissions

The Downside of Early Decision in College Admissions

Note to College Hopefuls: Use Spring Break Wisely

College Scholarships: Getting Weirder?

Micro-Scholarships: Solution to the Financial Squeeze of College?

How Early is Too Early to Prepare for College?

In the Legal Education Crisis, Who Really Gets Hurt?

Mandatory National Service before College?

Parents and College Admissions: Recipe for Disaster?

The Real Agony of the College Admissions Essay

Is It Possible to “Turn the Tide” on College Admissions?

The Art and Science of College Admission

Is the Law School Admissions Collapse Good for Lower-Ranking Schools?

The Problem With Law School

Stepping Away from Google for your College Search

The Community College Problem

Does GMAT Still Reign in Business School Admissions?

How to Master the Supplemental Essay

Taking a Holiday Break from College Admissions

Changing the Face of Legal Research

The Problem of Access to College Education

Beware of the Pundits

Selling Yourself Short on Your College Admission Essay

How Many College Applications is Too Many?

No, It is Not “Our” Admission Essay

Can You Spin Your Way Into College?

The Back-Side of Competitive College Admissions

Making College Admissions More Accessible

The Beauty of the Safety School

Personalize Your Admission Essay-By Writing About Someone Else

Lowering the Bar on Law School Admission

California to Shave a Day off Bar Examination

Overstating Charity in Admissions Essays

More U.S. Students Going Overseas for MBA Degrees

Conveying a Love of Learning in Your Admission Essay

College Visits: Good for the Soul

What's in the Winning College Admissions Essays

What Does it Mean to be a First Generation College Student?

ABA Reverses Decision on LSAT Exemption

Why Law School Could be the Perfect Place for STEM Students

GWU Drops Test-Score Requirement

Will US Schools Actively Recruit Cuban Students

Admissions Essays and the Power of Editing

Jump in LSAT Takers a Good Omen?

The Problem with Asian Students

Women Still Underrepresented in Business School

Starting Early—Big Advantages for International Students

UC Tightening its Belt on California Students

Dropping the LSAT in Law School Admission

Big Business of College Consulting

A “Rich-Kid” Problem at the College Level

College Applications and Long Summer Days

Is it Fair to Expect Fairness in College Admissions?

Time to Scrap the Bar Exam for Law Graduates?

Common App Reveals 2015-2016 Essay Prompts

Law School Rankings Released; Sniping Comments Ensue

Looking for College Admissions Transparency in the Right Places

College Rankings: Just Entertainment?

Navigating the Waitlist Headache

Reframing the College Admissions Model

College Admissions Essays Need Not Be Perfect

Long Island Teen Accepted to All Eight Ivies

Finding Solace in College Rejection

Admission to the University of Everywhere

Name-Blind College Admissions

College Admissions Disadvantage for Asian Students

College Admissions: Not as Scary as You Think

Guidance Counselors and College Admission

Revelations at UT Law School Underscore Legacy Admission Concerns

Colleges Trolling for Applicants

The Waiting Game

Vaccinations to be Mandatory for College Admission?

Law School Standards Slipping? Part Two

Law School Standards Slipping? Part One

Choosing Metrics for a National College Rankings System

Tracing the Roots of College Rejection

Legacy Admissions: Affirmative Action in a Different Form

What Free SAT Testing Means for College Admissions

Does Your Admission Essay Really Matter

Rethinking Gender in College Admissions

Business Schools Continue to Nail the Personal Statement

Does Law School Offer Everything Promised on the Package

Can College Marketing Be Too Promiscuous

Letting your Law School Know You are Still Interested

Re-Evaluating the Merits of College Admission

The Awkward Admission Essay

American Students Lag Behind in GMAT

Winning Personality Ticket to College Admission

Breaking the Ice in Your Admission Essay

Exploring Early to find the Right College

Turning Your Admission Essay from Tired to Fresh

Bad Legal Job Market Worse for Lower-Tier Law Schools

Do not Take that Acceptance for Granted

Helicopter Parenting and College Admissions

Finding the Right College On-Line

A College Match Made in Heaven

Do not Miss the Point in Your Admission Essay

Adding LGBTQ Dimension to Admission Essays

End of Summer and Time for Action

Law School Admissions: Accomplishment, not just Promise

Financial Resources for Undocumented Students

B-School Admissions: Not Just a Writing Contest

College Admissions Help for International Students

Picking the Right College

Colleges and the Holistic Review Process

Texas, Race, and College Admissions

Is College Getting Cheaper

A Second Shot at a Good GMAT Score

The Over-Processed Admission Essay

Improving your Writing by Being Active and Involved

Testing Accommodations for Law School Candidates

How to Choose a College Major

Stepping Back from your Personal Statement

Not Too Late for 2014-2015 College Admission

College: Just a Reward for the Best Self-Branders?

Looking Forward in Your Obstacle Essay

The Calm After the Acceptance Letter

Making Law School More Accessible

Law School Tuition on Sale

Using Your College Debt to Save the World

Summer Internships for High School Students

A Different Take on Social Media in College Admissions

SAT Backlash

Shortening Law School

Three Cheers for Community College!

SAT Gets a Face-Lift

Got Time for a Tour?

The Problem with Need-Blind Admission

Getting Started in the College Selection Process

The Hardest Part

Apologies for Sexism in Business School-All Talk?

State of College Admissions

Where Are All the Women in Science?

Women Closing the Gap in Test Scores

Does College Produce Engaged Citizens?

Dating and College Admissions

College Rejection: a Bit like Life

Jealousy-Good Starting Point for an Admission Essay

Still a Tough Road for Undocumented Lawyers

The Mission Trip Essay

Changing Face of Business School Applicants

B-School Essay is No Place for Jargon

Finding a Reason Not to Go to Law School

Colleges Look to Social Media to Vet Incoming Students

How Not to Waste Essay Time

Time to Give the Common App Some Competition?

Getting to the Specifics

Looking Forward to a Few Good Essays

Are Colleges Asking for Too Much

Making Your Essay Dramatic

It's Time for Rankings, Again

Law Schools Accepting Fewer Students

Deciphering the Admissions Process

A Message for Parents of College Hopefuls

Beware of Too Much Sincerity

How to Really Get to Know a College Campus

It's in the Details, Silly

Is Getting into College the Hardest Part

Unveiling of the Essay Topics

Your Admissions Essay-an Exercise in Teaching?

What Does #YOLO Mean to You?

Your Admission Essay-A Summer Blockbuster?

Supreme Court Rules on Affirmative Action

Is the Admission Essay Going Out of Style?

What Will Race-Blind Admissions Really Look Like?

Stripping Down Barriers to Business School Admission

The Best Way to Get into Your College of Choice

Taking your Education Overseas

Buying the Best College Brand

Write like You've Got Nothing to Lose

Standardized Tests to go Digital?

Buying a Law School Education in a Down Market

Time to Talk Gap Year

What We Can Learn from This Year's Admissions Essays

Dissecting Diversity in College Admissions

Getting Sentimental About College Admissions

More Thoughts on College Rejection

Picking the Right College. For Real.

Affirmative Action-Good for Business?

College Admission-A "Referendum on Your Worth"

Law School an Even Worse Gamble for Women

Battling Senioritis

Owning Your MBA Story

The College Admission Essay - An Exercise in Narcissism

Breaking the Bank for College

Common App Mixes Things Up. Again.

High School Classes that Matter

Law Schools Searching for Opportunity in Crisis

Doping in College Admissions

State of College Admissions 2012

Picking the Right Law School

Common Cure for Senioritis

The Waiting is the Hardest Part

Writing an Honest Admission Essay

Helicopter Parenting in College Admissions

Law Schools Approaching Fiscal Cliff?

Say Goodbye to Standardized Testing?

How Devoted Are You to Your College of Choice?

Farewell to the Essay Tweet

The Most Unnecessary Essay Mistake of All

Social Media Becoming More Damaging for College Students

Hurricane Sandy Affects College Admissions Deadlines

Election Day and College Admissions

Things NOT to Put Into Your Admission Essay, Part Two

Never Underestimate the Letter of Recommendation

Harvard Law School to Conduct Video-Conferencing Interviews

Bringing the Admissions Decision Closer to Home

Why Business School? Why Now?

Essay Food for Thought

Social Media and College Admissions

The Psychology of Writing the Admission Essay

Technology and the College Application

The Art of Bragging

The Real Effects of Diversity

Obama Administration Shows Support for Affirmative Action

The Art of Writing the Admission Essay

No Downside in Starting Admissions Essays Early

Brevity in your Admission Essay

Using Imagination to Pick the Right College

Breaking the Ice in Your Admission Essay

The Failure of Law Schools to Deliver

Too Many College Applications Diluting the Pool?

Summer as the Last Hurrah

Law Schools Respond to Bleak Market

Yes, College Rankings Do Matter. Maybe.

STEM or Liberal Arts-That is the Question

The Simmering Potential of Summer Break

Looking to be an Admissions Stand-Out? Find a College Rep

Adding Value to your Admission Essay

Be Passionate, Not Just Busy

University of California Circumvent Affirmative Action Ban

Too Dumb for Law School?

Prowling for the Right College

How to Beat Falling College Admissions Numbers

Outlook Getting Bleaker for Law Students

Law School Rankings 2013

Deconstructing the Business School Admission Essay

A Personal Statement from your Biggest Fan

Think You Can't Qualify for a Scholarship? Think Again.

Cracks in the College Ratings System

Advice for Foreign Students Tackling the Admission Essay

When Saving the World Is Not Enough

We Are the 6% - Elitism and College Admissions

Problems with Diversity in Law School and Legal Practice

College Admissions Interview-the Icing or the Cake?

Reading Your Acceptance Letter-Before it Arrives

Changing Face of Admissions Applications

Word Counts in Admissions Essays: Quality over Quantity

So You Want to be a Lawyer

Starting Your Admission Essay In the Middle of Things

Race, Again, in College Admissions

Should Sexual Orientation and College Admissions Mix?

Chinese are Fastest Growing Foreign Students at U.S. Universities

Deciphering "Early Decision" College Admissions

Business Schools Streamline Admissions

Law School Applicants: Beware of Your Digital Trail

Business School Admissions A Matchmaking Game

Changing the Essay Question

How to Master the MBA Setback Essay

Searching for the Perfect College

More Blows for the Legal Job Market

So you want to be a Doctor?

How to Make Social Media Work for You in the College Admissions Process

U.S. Graduate Schools See Influx of International Students

The Standardized Test and College Admissions

Does "Well-Rounded" Mean "No Edge"?

American Bar Association Makes Move towards Transparency in Job Statistics

UC Davis Business School Now Taking GRE Scores

College Admission Essay in Under 200 Words?

Affirmative Action Ban in College Admissions Overturned

Amidst a Struggling Job Market, Law Schools Change Curriculum

College Admission Possible

Does the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) Discriminate Against Candidates With Disabilities?

"Common Application" Places Limits on Personal Statements

Race and College Admissions

Is Your Admission Essay Really About You?

Flexibility of a Business School Education Appealing to Women

Why Writing an Admission Essay is So Hard

High school juniors: How to make this summer count!

Are Law Schools in it for the Money?

How to Make Your Law School Personal Statement Matter

Facebook and College Admission

Job Market Improving for Business School Graduates

UC's Changing College Admission Policies

Top 5 Myths About College Admission

Getting Perspective on Your College Admissions Essay

Admissions Essay Tips for Non-Writers

UC Regents Urge Holistic Approach to Essays and Applications

Strengthen Your Admissions Essay with an Early Campus Visit

Too Much Information Hurts Admissions Essays

The Importance of a Unique College Admissions Essay

The Importance of Graduate Admission Essays

Model Admission Essay Development

Admission Essay Critique, Analysis and Revision Services

Scholarship Application Service

College Application Essay Writing - An Important Skill at Every Level

Graduate School Admissions Essays - Deciding Your Future in a Few Hundred Words?

Don't Let Stress Bring You Down

Overcome Writer's Block

Focused, Meaningful College Admission Essays

College Admission Essay Writing - Causing Stress for Students of All Ages

Application Essays - the Key to Getting into the Best Law School or MBA Program

New Updates in College Admissions Policies

College Admissions Tips

Unique College Admissions Essays

College Application Essay Writing - Important No Matter What Your Goals Are

College Admission Essay Writing - A Must for Law School or Business School

Celebrating Admissions Essays' Success

Theming the Personal Statement

10 Tips For Writing A Winning College Admission Essay

Attention High School Seniors - Top 15 MUST DOs for your College Application

INSIDE INFO - Admissions Essays ARE REALLY that important.

Wharton MBA Application Essays

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