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Sample Medical School Application Essay 1

(Medical School)

The most difficult decision I ever had to make was also the one that had only one real answer. My entire life, until 3 years ago, had been spent working my way up in Jordan, breaking boundaries and forging ahead. Growing up female in an Islamic country has its share of challenges, especially if you are athletic and keenly interested in the sciences, both of which traditionally being viewed as boys’ realms. But I’ve never been one to sit back an accept a situation for what it is, which is how I found the spirit to defy tradition and join a women’s track team in college, battling to edge the men out of the most sought after practice times to get the necessary conditioning in to become a national record holder and the proud possessor of numerous medals. I know that my presence, success, and perseverance has given other young women all over the Middle East the courage to pursue the sport of their choice, and though it is still not the norm, I hope to see progress every year.

The bigger challenge however came after I had already achieved so much of what I had set out to do. It has always been my dream to become a doctor. My pediatrician is the person who first impressed upon me the need for caring and committed doctors to give over their careers to serve people who otherwise wouldn’t receive adequate medical care. In Jordan not many doctors will see a patient if they don’t have the money to pay for the consultation, but Dr. ___ off set his thriving urban practice by donating much of his time to helping those people who lived in far off locales, and hardly had enough money to put food on their own tables, let alone pay expensive medical bills. As he was also a good friend of my family, my contact with Dr. __ has continued far past my need for a pediatrician. Because of his example, and my own strong affinity for the sciences and the health care profession, I applied to medical school in Jordan immediately after finishing high school. Much to my delight, I was accepted to the most prestigious medical school.

This was the situation I had hoped for for so many years, and I immediately accepted and began taking classes. While I did exceptionally well on my exams and was thriving in my track competitions, I knew that I was not receiving the first rate education I wanted in order to serve my future patients to the best of my ability. My text books were outdated, there wasn’t enough material to go around to all of the students, and there was always a shortage of computer time as well as lab instruments and products. I had never wanted to be a doctor more, and was so disappointed with this learning environment. This situation was so unacceptable to me I knew I had only one option: leave this medical school I had worked so hard to get into and start over again in a country with the facilities to train me well. I packed up everything I owned, left my family, friends, and everything I’d ever known and moved across the world to England, where I have been for the past three years. I have proved my skills here, even while working in a new language. I have remained on the Dean’s list every semester and have augmented my studies with volunteer time in local hospitals to give me a better sense of the day to day life of a doctor living and working in the UK. I hope, after earning my medical degree, to work as a primary care physician in an underrepresented area, much like the ones I know are in need of help in my native Jordan.

It is now, with a hopeful heart, that I apply for what I know will be a very different experience in medical school at the University of ________.
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