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"I just finished reading the essay sample and all I can say is WOW!"
"This is primo! I couldn't be more pleased with the result. Thank you!"
"Simply Brilliant! Thank you again!"
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Admission Essay Success Stories and Client Testimonials

Whether it was providing a unique Business School, Law School or Medical School admission essay, we have successfully helped thousands of applicants in gaining admission to their schools and programs of choice. Below are just a few comments from our satisfied clients, who wanted to share their gratitude with us.
"Dear Admissions Essays staff - Please pass along my warm thanks to my [editor]. Her comments were instrumental in guiding me in developing my admissions essay. I was accepted to every program I applied to and will be joining a graduate program at Yale in the Fall. I was very impressed with the care [my editor] took to understand what I was trying to convey in my draft and to craft it into a clear narrative. I am very grateful for all your help."
"I had some essays edited by ... over the past Fall. I just wanted to thank you ... for everything. I got in at both Stanford (my dream school) and Caltech, with full funding for the latter. I do not know whether I would've made it there if I hadn't gotten your help, but the fact is that using your edits I got in everywhere I applied. Please let (your Editor) know how thankful I am. Her work was simply outstanding. I have never seen any editor (and I have come across many) with her insight and deep thinking. I will definitely be recommending admissionsessays to friends, etc., and wish you the best of luck for the future. You can consider me one very satisfied customer."
"Using the essay you edited for our son we're happy to report that he was accepted at Boston College, Boston University, Dartmouth, NYU, UPenn, and Stanford. In addition, he was wait-listed at both Harvard and Yale. It's safe to say that our son wasn't denied to ANY school where we used this essay. Thank you."
"Here I am, in London, at LSE [London School of Economics], my dream university! I have no doubs that Admissions Essays really helped me to achieve my objectives!"
"I want to let you know that I have been granted admission into USC's EdD program! Please thank your AE editor for me! I had 2 of my admission essays critiqued by AE and it has made a big difference. As I have applied for the same program before and my application was denied at that time, I am sure that this time around, what made the difference was that I submitted much stronger essays. I am very excited about starting my program in the Fall and thanks again for all your help! Getting my essays edited/analyzed/critiqued by AE has been one of the best investments I've made so far!"
"I really appreciate it. I'm so relieved now....You guys are the best as my friends mentioned. I'll definitely tell others to consider your company if any help is needed... Thanks again!!!"
"I just finished reading the essay sample and all I can say is WOW!. The essay really reflects exactly what I was struggling to put in words on paper. The essay conveys exactly what I want law school admission people to know about my bumpy road to have gotten this far in life. Thank you very much. I'm very pleased with the essay."
"Excellent work! Thank you. There's no way I could have thought of this wording. You've done an excellent job expressing my feelings and intent.
"I got the (Graduate School application essay). It is marvelous!!! I was a bit dubious at first but now I understand why so many students go to for their work. It is absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much and please say thank you to my writer. I'm absolutely happy to work with again."
"I just wanted to thank you on a job very well done. It's obvious that you put thought and effort into it, and the results, whether they get me through the door or not, were worth every penny. Thanks!"
"All I can say after reading the essay, is wow. I'm extremely happy with the way the essay turned out. Thank you so much for your help!!!! I know I'll definitely be contacting you guys again in the future Thank you!!!!!!"
"I have just read the essay and am truly pleased with the results. I see my thoughts put together in such an eloquent essay that captured all of my feelings. If I should have a future need, please let me know how I would be able to get in touch with you to address those needs. "
"Thank you very much for your great service and help with my sample admission essay. Your sample writing is very well written and in the highest quality as you mention. I'm very appreciative of your work…With your great service... I'm sure that I will use your service again in the future. Thank you again."
"Thank you SO MUCH for your absolutely amazing job! I love every single word in my essay, and I am so glad that I've found your services. God Bless You!"
"Thank you so much for the essay. It really moved me. I felt that it is a true reflection of my thoughts and feelings. Thank you again."
"You guys did an outstanding job with the sample (Graduate School admission essay)!! I am so excited about applying to graduate school!"
"The sample essay is simply great!!!!! I can't tell you how happy I am with it!! I know that I'm going to tweak it slightly ... but I cannot tell you how great this is ... it's very good! Thank you again."
"This is primo! I couldn't be more pleased with the result. Thank you!"
"Simply Brilliant!...thank you again!"
"Unbelievable. Really, a great job. Thanks so much."
"Thank you so much for helping with my personal statement. This is more than I would have imagined. I think this service is excellent."
"You guys are the best! Thank you!"
"I appreciate your input. Thanks again for a job well done. Your work is truly impressive."
"Thanks a lot for the essay and the comments!! (Loved them). Wish you a wonderful 2007."
"Thank you, I really think this will help out a lot!"
"Thank you! You did a great job."
"I've just read my admission essay. I really appreciate your great work. Thank you so much."
"I wanted to say thanks for the sample essay - it was very well written."
"Thank you for writing my sample essay :) I've just read an admission essay. I really appreciate your great work. Thank you so much."
"Thank you for the sample essay, really liked it. Thank you."
"I'm very impressed! Thanks a lot!"
"It looks great! Thank you so much for the help."
"Thank you very much for your thoughtful essays. I very much appreciate your help. I will definitely be able to utilize your work."
"Thank you. This will be very helpful in guiding me through writing my final essay. I am a great "technical" writer but you suggestions will help me tap into my creative juices! Thanks again."
"Thank you so much for the sample essay! It is really great, professional work and I could not be happier. Reading it really motivated me to "buckle down" and get to writing! The essay is a wonderful springboard for me & it's just what I needed to get going."
"I am thrilled with this first paragraph, in fact I am thrilled with the whole thing."
"Thank so much for the fast turn around time! You had relatively little time, and you did a great job. Thank you very much. Your work is much appreciated."
"Thank you for the wonderful essay you sent us. We were very happy with it. Have a good Holiday and a Happy New Year!!"
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