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Letter of Recommendation Writing and Editing Services

These days, most colleges, graduate schools & scholarships require a letter of recommendation with the application package. At the graduate and professional school level, at least two letters of recommendation are mandatory. Schools don't take this request lightly. The letter of recommendation provides the school with an objective perspective about a student's qualifications. Ideally, the letter comes from someone familiar with a student's work and life experiences.

Despite the importance of Letters of Recommendation, many students fail to spend much time on them. Some are left scrambling at the eleventh hour in an effort to find a good recommender with the time and interest in drafting a persuasive letter. Even for students who have spent time cultivating good relationships with their recommenders, the letter can be a struggle.

Many recommenders will ask students to draft their own letters and submit it to them for approval. Your professor, mentor or work supervisor may be swamped with requests for letters. Getting a quality composition drafted on your behalf could be a struggle. At Admissions Essays, we recognize the importance of the Letter of Recommendation. We also understand how elusive a good letter can be.

We offer two unique services that can help you with the final draft of your letter.

Letter of Recommendation Services

Using information provided by you about your accomplishments and goals, we can draft a Letter of Recommendation from scratch. This letter will be completely tailored to your needs, based on your own biography. Our model letters are designed to give you a springboard for your final draft, and should help lift a weight off the shoulders of your recommender.

Letter of Recommendation Editing, Analysis & Revision

If you or your recommender have already drafted a letter, you might want to consider having it reviewed by our professional editors. Our goal is to ensure that the letter is as clear and effective as possible. We will provide review and correction of grammar, syntax and paragraph structure. Our editing staff is familiar with the common pitfalls of these kinds of letters and will provide commentary to guide you through the writing process.

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