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BUSINESS 2.0, November 1999
Stated that writing application essays leads to stress, anxiety and writer's block, "which likely follow a string of expletives." It also went on to say that online [essay] businesses can "offer unlimited geographic reach, accelerated turnaround, and internet-related services." With particular reference to, the article states, " writes a sample statement, and three alternative approach paragraphs... - fully customized according to the student's answers to a questionnaire."

YALE DAILY NEWS, April 2, 1999
The Yale University Daily News covered and stated, " takes essay help a step further with a service that drafts personalized sample essays for its customers based on information they submit on the web." This is a phenomenal starting point, because "once provided with the essay, the applicant can work off a skeleton to draft an essay of their own."

LOS ANGELES TIMES, November 2001
Stated that University of California admissions plan would de-emphasize grades and test scores in the future. The article commented that this signals a major shift in the university's admissions policy to allow personal achievements, not just grades and test scores, to be considered for all freshman applicants. It goes on to say that more universities across the country may follow suit as "Colleges throughout the country are trying very hard to strike a balance between quality and the broadest possible access to students." Based on this article, it will be of keen importance for students to highlight their personal achievements in a well drafted essay as part of their application package, and AdmissionsEssays can help highlight the key achievements that will standout from the crowd.
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