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Sample Medical School Application Essay 3

(Osteopathic Medical School)

The field of osteopathic medicine has a strong draw for me because I have been able to witness first hand the total effects of a physical ailment on someone very close to me: my father. He has always suffered from a liver condition, but this affects far more than just the affected organ. His entire personality has been altered by his battle, and therefore every aspect of his mind and body must be considered when treating his physical ailment. The treatment of the whole individual, not just the specific illness, is what drew me towards an osteopathic medical education to begin with, and I chose ____ University’s program because of the strong foundation in the sciences, as well as the hands-on training in local hospitals, focus on research, and exposure to both rural and inner city treatment centers that they provide. This kind of broad spectrum educational foundation is very important to me as I plan to spend at least two days a week working in highdensity, low-income hospitals after I have earned my stripes.

Treating each patient as an individual with his or her own unique needs is something that comes naturally to me. I moved to this country from Thailand when I was 15 years old, not knowing a word of English. Fifteen is a difficult age for everyone, but add to it a total change in environment, language, and social norms and the difficulty of fitting in is increased ten fold. I can still remember the taunts that were thrown my way for not speaking English well, and basically being made to feel like an outsider in this new and bizarre land. Fortunately I am very driven and managed to learn quickly and eventually make friends and find my place in this society, but the loneliness of my initial exclusion has made me more sensitive to the feelings of others, and as a doctor I would make sure to treat each patient with compassion. Much to my dismay, during my volunteer work at a local state-funded hospital, I have witnessed some young doctors discount the importance of patients who have trouble with English, or who appear to be from a lower income bracket. Having been on the other side of such treatment I know how much it can hurt, and since it is a doctor’s place to heal, this is an especially egregious offence.

I am ready now to pursue my goal of becoming an osteopathic doctor at ____ University. I believe that the problem solving skills I have developed through my research and lab work, my naturally inquisitive nature, and my strong work ethic, will ensure that I will be a successful student and doctor.
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