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Law School Personal Statement Writing

Let us help you tackle the challenge of drafting your law school personal statement.

What is this service?

The majority of law schools require a personal statement to help supplement the information contained elsewhere in the law school application. Our law school personal statement writing service allows us to actually craft an essay for YOU based on YOUR personal information. Using information provided by you, we are able to craft an essay that expresses what you want to say about yourself and your experiences as they pertain to the study and practice of law.

Like the law schools you are applying to, we do not condone plagiarism. It is not our intention that you submit our personal statement or model essays as your own work. However, we understand that having a blueprint for a formal personal statement for law school can be immensely helpful. A well-organized, tightly woven essay is an essential component of your law school application. It is our goal to help you find your written voice by offering you an engaging, persuasive template.
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How is our process unique?

We base the contents of your essay on information provided by you. Once you place your order, you will be emailed a link to our BioGraph™--a comprehensive questionnaire. Though we ask that you invest a few hours of your time in answering our detailed questions, we promise that the process will save you time in the long run.

Our job is to analyze your personal information and filter through it in order to extract only the most powerful and useful information. After doing so, we are able to draft a solid essay that reflects your unique reasons for aspiring to study law.
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Do I get to control the essay content?


One of the very first questions posed by our BioGraph™ asks whether you have an idea of how you would like your essay to look. Some people have no idea. Others already know that they want the essay to focus on something specific-like a unique experience or professional challenge. Some candidates aren't sure about the substance they want, but are certain about a tone. So whether you want a bit of humor injected into your essay or you would prefer to keep it formal, we can help you shape it.

Like you, our aim is to convince the admissions committee at your school of choice that you will be a valuable addition to the legal profession.
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What exactly do I get?

  • One fully developed customized model personal statement [limit: 3 pages double spaced, 12 point, Times New Roman font - Appx 750 words], AND
  • One "alternate approach" paragraph and corresponding comments. The alternate approach paragraph explores a DIFFERENT "spin" for your personal statement depending on the specifics of your BioGraph™. You can use this paragraph as a springboard to a completely different essay.
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What if I am dissatisfied?

If the personal statement we provide you does NOT meet the criteria below, we will provide you with ONE FREE REWRITE. Acceptable criteria for a rewrite include:

  1. Essay does not answer the question posed by the Application Form.
  2. Essay does not meet length requirements.
  3. Essay does not incorporate a quotation that you specifically requested to be included.
  4. Essay does not conform to the format and voice that you specifically requested.

Unacceptable criteria for requesting a rewrite include:

  1. Client wants the essay to include material that was not provided in the BioGraph™.
  2. Client wants the essay to incorporate more material than length restrictions would support.
  3. Client wants the essay to cite specific material from BioGraph™ but did not communicate this wish to AdmissionsEssays.Com when submitting the original BioGraph™.
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Law School Personal Statement Writing

Your completely custom model personal statement is drafted from scratch based on your personal facts. Delivered in 7 business days.
$299.00 / essay ORDER NOW
Your completely custom model personal statement is drafted from scratch based on your personal facts. Delivered in 3 business days.
$399.00 / essay ORDER NOW
Your completely custom model personal statement are drafted from scratch based on your personal facts. We offer discounts for multiple essay orders.
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Already have a completed essay or personal statement? Consider our Critique and Editing Services.

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