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Saturday, January 29, 2011
Getting Perspective on Your College Admissions Essay
Whether you turn to friends, teachers or professionals, getting outside opinions on your admission essay can help you to gain the perspective needed to create a powerful personal statement.

Are you having trouble with your college admissions essay? It's easy to get overwhelmed when trying to put together an essay that can wow an admissions board. College admissions are becoming increasingly competitive, with more students than ever competing for fewer spots at choice universities. When it comes to finding a spot at a first-choice school, a great admission essay is often the deciding factor between making it in and being placed on a wait list.

One of the major problems that people face during the college application essay writing process is that they lack the distance and perspective needed to craft an essay that hits the key points that admissions officers are interested in seeing addressed. The things that a person feels are most important in their lives might not be what will create an impact with someone reading an admissions essay.

This is why it is so important for prospective students to ask for outside advice while crafting an undergraduate admissions essay, graduate school personal statement or other portion of a college admission package. Having an outside set of eyes review an essay can give a person the proper perspective. Instead of looking at it from the (sometimes biased) eyes of the writer, someone else can look at it from the standpoint of a reader and tell the writer if their story is compelling or falls flat.

Friends and family are one resource that students can use when preparing an MBA admission essay, undergraduate admissions statement or other piece of the college application process. But while they might be able to help correct grammatical errors and tighten up the wording on an essay, they likely won't have the understanding to know what content will grab the attention of an admissions officer.

A solution to this is working with a service like Admissions Essays who can help you to craft a targeted and powerful admission essay or personal statement. Admissions Essays is staffed by Ivy League-educated experts who understand how the admissions process works and can give guidance and advice to make an essay stand out from the pack.


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