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Through our very own editors and guest writers, this blog will discuss the INSIDE scoop on the admissions process of various schools and programs. If you wish to ask a specific question, please write to us, and we will make every attempt to address your questions in our future blog discussions.
Tuesday, October 19, 2010
New Updates in College Admissions Policies
It is time to dust off the books -- college application season has arrived! If you're still undecided as to where to apply, don't fret. The new season (although daunting) brings with it a few developments that may aid you in the decision process and prepare you for college or law school admission essay writing. Here are some of the changes to look out for.

Increased competition: Independent college counselor and contributor to Audrey Kahane writes that more schools have adopted the Common Application process, allowing students to apply to multiple colleges. According to Kahane, this new process leads to an influx of college admissions essays -- meaning more competition. Students shouldn't be too heartbroken if they are rejected from these schools.

Scarce financial aid: According to Kahane, colleges are dealing with major financial aid issues because of reduced alumni donations and devalued endowments. If you're having trouble deciding which school to apply to, pay attention to the most updated financial aid policies, as many schools have been forced to eliminate financial aid and grants. Cross off the list those colleges with unattractive financial aid policies.

Score swaps: Many colleges, including Boston College, Duke and Yale, are accepting an ACT score to meet SAT and Subject Test requirements. If you have a better ACT score than SAT or Subject Tests scores, consider applying to a college that offers this sweet exchange.

Whether you need assistance with your college or MBA application essay, can help.


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Tuesday, October 19, 2010
College Admissions Tips
College application season is here, which means students across the nation are immersed in the application process including ever-so-scary college admission essay writing. To help you through this difficult yet make-it-or-break-it moment in time, here are a few of our favorite tips from the best counselors and experts in the industry.

Visit more colleges. Take the time to visit multiple colleges, including both large and small institutions. Visiting a college will not only help you with the decision process, but it will also help with the admissions process. According to independent college counselor and contributor to Audrey Kahane, in-person visits to your favorite colleges demonstrate that you're a serious applicant.

Learn about the school. Whether you will be writing a law school admission personal statement or college admission essay, learn about the school before you write. According to Kahane, you can learn more about a college by attending information sessions, interviewing, asking questions and spending time on a college website in addition to visiting the college and spending time with an admissions officer. Learning just about everything there is to know about a certain college enables you to write a more powerful college or business school admission essay.

Be proactive. To boost your chances of getting into the college of your dreams, Kahane suggests getting on the VIP list for local admissions events by signing up through each college's website. In addition, she recommends keeping an eye out for admissions officers visiting your high school. Grab their attention by introducing yourself and seal the deal with a follow up email.


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Tuesday, October 19, 2010
Unique College Admissions Essays
While there are many recent changes in college admissions policies, the application essay requirement has remained the same. Whether it is a college application essay or MBA admission essay, students are required to submit unique and compelling essays. This means writing a powerful, thoughtful essay, even if you have to enlist the help of a tutor. offers quality admission essay and personal statement development services for students who are applying to college or university. Whether you need assistance with your college or law school personal statment, skilled writers can help you craft a powerful essay, increasing your chances of getting into the college of your dreams.

To avoid submitting an essay that seems too polished or watered down by a counselor or tutor, make sure that you write from your heart, using your own voice. This means describing your own experiences in your own words and metaphors. A tutor or counselor will assist you with the basic structure and writing process, however the words should be your very own.

Although you may be able to handle most of the admissions process on your own, there are times when you will need a helping hand. Don't be afraid to reach out to tutors and counselors for everything from college admission essay writing to filling out financial aid papers.


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Tuesday, October 19, 2010
College Application Essay Writing - Important No Matter What Your Goals Are
Whether you are interested in a traditional four-year college, or more advanced education like business school or law school, you will need to separate yourself from the thousands of other applicants that are vying for a spot. That's why college application essay writing is so important.

After all, no matter what school you are trying to get into, virtually every applicant has the same great GPA, the same impressive extracurricular activities, and the same great standardized test scores. Your college application essay writing skills can either help you rise to the top, or sink to the bottom of the applicant pool.

With any type of college admissions essay, you have to do more than just be clear and concise. After all, this is your only chance to speak to the admissions board. Most schools cannot do personal interviews, because there are just too many applicants. Your essay is your one shot to show off your unique qualities and characteristics that make you a one-of-a-kind student.

Why is a college admissions essay so important?

Studies show that the top colleges and universities only accept 10% of applicants. Competing with so many other great students can be overwhelming for any high school senior. However, your college admissions essay has to be great; it has to show administrators that you have amazing potential to be a valuable asset to their school.

But the pressure of college application essay writing doesn't stop with your undergraduate degree. Business schools and law schools will also ask for an essay.

The top law schools only accept 11% of applicants. That means, your law school personal statement can mean the difference between getting into the school of your dreams, and being stuck somewhere else. With so many applicants, admissions boards are looking to each law school personal statement to make their job easier. After all, if you clearly stand out, they know to pick you.

And it's no different at business school, where only 12% of applicants get accepted. Even though some schools are still doing personal interviews, a business school admission essay is your first impression. A bad business school admission essay can get you rejected long before you ever get the chance for a one-on-one interview.


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Tuesday, October 19, 2010
College Admission Essay Writing - A Must for Law School or Business School
In today's world, an undergraduate degree is not always enough. Many people choose to take advantage of professional graduate schools to make the most of their chances in the job market. With more people than ever interested in advanced degrees, the need for great college admission essay writing skills is a big one.

Your college admission essay writing skills can mean the difference between a top law or business school, and a sub-standard one. Because of the vast number of applicants, most law schools and business schools have scrapped the traditional one-on-one interviews. That means your college admission essay writing skills are your only chance to stand out in a pool of applicants that all have great grades, great test scores, and a great list of extracurricular activities.

With an MBA admission essay, you have to start by asking yourself, 'if every other applicant was a great undergrad, what makes me different?' That's the question people reading your MBA admission essay will have. After all, pouring over applications is tough; admissions boards are looking to your writing to help make their decisions easier.

And, remember, top business schools only accept about 12% of all applicants.

However, at the top law schools, the situation is no different. The race to a seat in law school is a competitive one. There are far too many applicants to do personal interviews for each one, so your law school personal statement is going to have to speak for itself. You need to explain why you are the right choice, over thousands of other applicants. What makes you stand out? What qualities will make you a great law student? Why will you be a great asset to any law school? Those are the questions your law school personal statement will need to answer.

Law schools can be particularly picky about essays, because they know that you want to be a lawyer - someone whose job it will be to prove their point of view is correct, on a daily basis. A law school personal statement can give them a clue as to what kind of lawyer you will make.

And, remember, only 11% of law school applicants actually get accepted.


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