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Monday, August 1, 2016
Broadening Your College Search
Perhaps it is news to only some of the students in search of their ideal college fit that there is more to an education than top rankings. As with any competition, so much effort is spent clamoring for the top spot that people often forget there isn't space up there for everyone. One can still be a successful runner without making it to the Olympic trials.

Still, this is one of life's tough lessons, and it's a hard sell to a young teenager. It's human nature to gravitate towards popularity. With all of the branding tied up in college admissions, it's virtually impossible to avoid being sucked into the cult of elitism.

One of the messages sent by US News & World Report and the colleges themselves is that, by expanding the scope of their college searches, some students are lowering the bar on expectations and potential success. When students hear that nearly 100,000 kids applied to UCLA last year, they want a piece of that pie. If they don't apply, it's nearly like, quitting before you even start the game.

On the other hand, students could save themselves time and heartache by reshaping their expectations. What is the real value of a pedigree? What are your long-term goals? Does a big-name school automatically equal a higher-quality education? Are you worried about getting lost in the crowd?

This Forbes article reframes the issue as a wise business decision-put your money in lower-risk investments with greater long-term potential.


Another practical benefit? Smaller, newer and growing schools often have more space for progressive thought in their leadership. Without the burden of monumental endowments and powerful boards, they can make the kinds of sweeping decisions that keep education new and invigorating. Cutting-edge isn't reserved for the historic behemoths. Their bottom line depends on people's willingness to look down their noses at universities with higher acceptance rates.

When it comes to college applications, don't write your essay about "thinking outside the box"-do it yourself. You may be surprised at what you find.


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